Kobe Red ft 100K Ree in New Track “Talk My Shit”

Kobe Red

“Gettin’ money for real, don’t need a deal. Stay independent, bi*** you know the drill…”

– quote from “Talk My Shit”

Kobe Red is out of the studio with a new track and he raps about living in extravagance after working so hard to climb up the ladder; he calls this one “Talk My Shit”.

The talented rapper and songwriter is all about the struggles he faced a while back, placing it side by side with the success he has achieved now and for anyone who cares to listen, he lets them know that now he can do whatever he wants because he deserves to.

“Talk My Shit” tells a very visual story of Kobe Red’s journey, which is ultimately the journey of many other artists, and he tells it so well with so much finesse you cannot help but be drawn to his delivery.

One thing that Red succeeds in doing in this track is showcase luxurious lifestyle of superstars: the parties, the drugs, the money and most importantly the cash. His lyrics are confident and unapologetic which adds to the charm. He grinded every night and now there is no stopping as he is on a roll to enjoy everything that he worked so hard to achieve.

Kobe Red also features the talented 100k Ree on the track who brings vocals and rhymes, as he also raps about the flashy life alongside Red and together they create the timeless track that is very much a vibe.

Kobe Red

For Kobe Red, embracing rap at a young age was not only a passion but also an outlet for his anger and frustration in his early years. Growing up in the low class areas of Boston, Massachusetts, Red experienced a pretty hard childhood growing up and while that led some other kids to the wrong side of the law, it only pushed him to strive harder and put in more work, which as it stands now, it’s definitely working for the young artist.

Kobe’s motivation for doing music is to connect with people who share the same feeling and experience as himself. Just as music was an inspiration and a place of solace for him, he also strives to make music that would inspire others and help them in their worst times. In his words, “if my music does anything I want it to help someone get through their worst times and their best times respectively.”

With his constant pursuit to do music that feeds not only the ears but the soul and the talent he brings to bear in his music, we are hopeful that Kobe Red will do much more than achieving his dream for music and being the best among his peers.


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