Natty Wylah Stands Up Against Cultural Stereotypes in “WHOAMI”

Natty Wylah

“I don’t watch post codes, me I see your soul first looking through your eyes. On some swiped out lifestyles picking out these pixels from my psyche…”

– quote from “WHOAMI”

United Kingdom based emcee and music sensation Natty Wylah is out to damn stereotypes and mundane opinions in his latest single he entitles “WHOAMI”.

In this track, Natty confronts so many cultural, racial, and societal prejudices and stereotypes as he dwells on self-identification and self-awareness. The mixed-race artist takes his thoughts out to his fans as he lets them in on the identity challenges he faces as well as how he strives to be himself regardless.

Being of both Chinese and British heritage, Wylah has had to live with people labeling and branding him in different ways and a few of these feelings are what he shares with us in “WHOAMI”.

Having been born and raised in London, you would expect Natty to fit into society with ease but he had to go through all sorts of alienation and tagging while growing up simply because it was physically evident that he was of mixed heritage. After fighting the battle to fit in, he decided to face the battle of being himself and finding his identity rather than struggling to fit into some preconceived notion of how one should look and where one should come from.

Racial tension and exclusion is an uncomfortable situation people face all over the world and while some people would rather avoid talking about it, Natty takes up the challenge and lets us know that while a person’s cultural heritage is important, what is more important is collective humanness, brotherliness and acceptance of others regardless of where they might be from.

In this hypnotic and emotional track, Natty sings about how he is neither from China nor is he from London, telling those who are labeling him to “fuc* off”. He also decides to take a stand away from both his heritages telling those who constantly question him that he is from the moon.

Natty Wylah WHOAMI

“WHOAMI” is inherently a song coming from the deepest part of a man; the place of self-consciousness. Natty grapples with the fact that people insist on placing labels on him, reacts in anger to a situation he has found himself, and then comes to a place of clarity where he finally decides that he can be anything and come from anywhere; it doesn’t change who he is.

Natty has been known and loved for doing music with lyrics bordering on social issues and has only just taken a step up with “WHOAMI” and it is definitely a track to love.

With a unique style that features variations from calm deliveries to passionate rap, Wylah delivers music that stems from hip-hop peppered up with infusions of jazz and post-punk. He also performs with a live band where he gets to experiment with different sounds from drums, guitars, bars and the likes.

While we take in the experience Natty exposes us to in “WHOAMI”, we also look forward to his mix tape “Aim To Miss” which we won’t miss for anything in the world.

Natty Wylah
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