Collision Raps About Complex Relationships in “Fussing and Fighting” featuring T-Rell

Collision T-Rell

“She done let her feelings get involved, now I press ignore when she call. Showed me all of her love, showed me her love from afar. Maybe we sticking together, maybe we falling apart…”

– quote from “Fussing and Fighting”

Talented hip hop artist Collision has put words to a track as he raps about the ups and downs of a relationship and what happens when it seems like the problems become unending.

“Fussing and Fighting” gives a perfect representation of the challenges we face when two people try to make a relationship work but nothing seems to go right; one person gets tired of fussing over what seems to be going downhill and just wants out.

For Collision, the feelings involved is the major problem he sees in the relationship and he wishes his significant other would put her feelings aside and perhaps just stick to the sex.

Collision delivers the lyrics in great flow, bringing the feelings alive with his voice as he blends in with the instrumentation that flows seamlessly from beginning to the end.

“Fussing and Fighting” brings a different kind of flavor and flair to bear when talking relationships and it is definitely a song you would have no qualms listening to on repeat whether it tells a story that is personally familiar to you or not.

Collision features T-Rell on this track who adds his talented delivery to the mix as they sing about a love that is slipping away right before their very eyes without anything being done about it.

From the first chorus to the very last verse, Collision and T-Rell did a pretty good job of bringing us into the feeling and delivering the message they passed with this one.

Collision has been doing music for over a decade now and stands out as a talented performing artist, rapper and songwriter with a unique style and sound that makes him very admirable.


Born in Philadelphia, Collision moved to Junction City, Kansas with his mom and that was where he spent majority of his childhood and his adult life. His style was somewhat influenced by having a reggae artist Robert Ffrench as a father as well as having to live in different areas while growing up; Collision cultivated all this into the style and talent he boasts of today.

Overtime, Collision has collaborated with different artists from Kansas City and Colorado and also has a number of successful songs including “I Put That on Everything”, “Truth” and “Shaking These Ni**as”.

Before this track, Collision has also done features with T-Rell and it is easy to see that the duo do well together even from the synergy they have.

With his talent standing out for him, Collision was nominated in 2018 for Best Rap Artist in the Solo Independent Music Award showcase for Midwest Region.

From precedents, and with constant hard work on the part of the talented artist, Collision is set to be a name to be reckoned with in the industry even as he fulfills his dreams for his career.

“Fussing and Fighting” is available on YouTube, Deezer, Apple Music and other major music platforms. 

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