Tonii Boii Puts Together an Ode for his Hometown in “Sweet Home West Orlando”

Tonii Boii

“The food don’t cook in the kitchen, just a bunch a doe boys water whipping…”

– quote from “Sweet Home West Orlando”

West Orlando rapper, Tonii Boii is back with a new classic themed single he names after his hometown. The artist centers the track on the territories of West Orlando as he rides through the town singing about the things he loves about the city.

Tonii takes the appearance of an outlaw as he takes over the town and claims territory in a track that is inspired from one of his best rock bands that did country music in the past.

“Sweet Home West Orlando” showcases the people, landmark and costumes of the Cowboy Florida Town with gusto and vibe as he takes on the cowboy appearance all through.

Inspired by Tonii’s road trip while on tour in Jacksonville Florida, the artist quickly put his thoughts into words with a hip-hop beat he got online and made the song we cannot stop loving.

Speaking on the song and the motivation behind it, Tonii says “I made and had this song stored away in my catalog for a while, even actually gave up on it until I sent it to my management. As soon as they heard it, they told me it was a hit. Within a short period after sending them the track, they set up label meetings for me.”

Soon after recording the track, Tonii went on to release a thriller video of the track on Instagram and got so much reactions that he just knew the track would be a banger. Now we have the entire video and we can’t help but wonder why he waited so long before releasing it.

Tonii Boii Sweet Home West Orlando

“Sweet Home West Orlando” is not only an ode to Tonii’s home town, it also showcases a different side to the talented artist whose style we know and love.

Tonii’s style and presentation has always been unique ever since he caught our attention in 2013 with his song “Nobody Knows” which brought him together with his first manager DJ Disco JR whom he lost soon after in a painful incident.

In 2015, Tonii recovered from major losses with “Jiggin” which made waves and brought him to the forefront, setting him up for shows across the state. His 2016 track “Bae Head” further increased his popularity especially in the social media space and increased his fan following.

Tonii Boii then connected with Orlando Imprint 448 Music Group, headed by PI Bang.

Tonii Boii

This year has been a roller coaster of exciting projects for Tonni Boy who released “High Self Esteem” and “Can’t Complain”, then further moved to release an album “Paid In Full II” which boasts of the track “Faucet” that set Florida on fire and made his music a constant play on major urban radio stations.

Tonii Boi is currently signed with Empire in collaboration with 448 Music Group and is working on promoting his brand on a global scale.

Check out the visuals for “Sweet Home West Orlando” and leave a comment below.


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