Muyinza Releases Therapeutic Track “Cold Blooded”


“Cold blooded from the world that made me…loving the way you take me up, yeah…”

– quote from “Cold Blooded”

Los Angeles based Ugandan artist Muyinza is out with a new track and he titles this one “Cold Blooded”.

The emotionally honest artist who is known for his EPs like “Strobeats and Stars”, “Spotlights and Stars” and his very successful EP “Passion”, which amasses over 300,00 streams on Spotify, is back into the studio to give us a feel of what is going on in his head.

“Cold Blooded” tells a story about going through what the world might be unable to see and pushing through regardless. In this one, Muyinza sings about going all the way and doing what he has to do to overcome the challenges the world is bringing his way.

With a pretty therapeutic instrumental leading up to his smooth, relax vocals, Muyinza brings his musical and lyrical to bear as he delivers every sentence with emotions, flow and a certain level of finesse.

“Cold Blooded” is one track that combines calm vocals, even paced delivery with meaningful lyrics and it is something you should totally vibe to. He sings about trying to manage emotional baggage and hoping to overcome it before it becomes too much of a load for him to carry.

According to Muyinza, “Cold Blooded” is one project that gave him the opportunity to let out a lot of emotions and thoughts he had previously held in. He says “I didn’t approach it as a song, I approached it as therapy, and I wanted to let out a little of what I’ve been holding onto for years in hopes that it connects with someone else that feels the same way.”

There are a lot of feelings to explore in this track and you just might find yourself connecting to it.

Muyinza Cold Blooded

Finding the passion for music at a young age, Muyiza started recording music at the age of 15 and released his first set of songs while he was still in high school. In college, he released two full length albums “Scrap Paper” and “No Idea”. He also won multiple awards at the Boston Music Industry while he was pursuing music studies.

Muyinza has headlined a couple of shows and has also opened up for artists like Mike Posner and Big Sean.

Muyinza had dropped a couple of successful EPs since then and even continues to do better with the likes of tracks like “Cold Blooded”. He is currently working on his latest album “First and Forever” which is set to drop any time from now.

Muyinza’s goal is to create music that helps people find freedom within their authentic selves, and from what we have seen all this time, he is doing a good job at it and doesn’t have plans to stop anytime soon.

Check out Cold Blooded on Spotify and look up his other tracks while you are at it.

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