Pop Smoke “Welcome To The Party”

Pop Smoke

“Baby, welcome to the party, I hit the boy up and then I go skate in a ‘Rari…”

– quote from “Welcome To The Party”

If your ears are itching to listen to a song that encompasses an explosive combination of raspy vocals and incredible recording and production, then you’ve got to listen to Pop Smoke’s single “Welcome To The Party”.

Produced solely by U.K. drill’s 808 Melo, Pop Smoke’s “Welcome To The Party” was released as a follow-up single after the release of a remix of Sheff G’s “Panic, Pt. 3”. Surprisingly, within only a few days of release, “Welcome To The Party” had gathered millions of streams from viewers all over the world and still continues to attract more viewers.

Official Video

“Welcome To The Party” has also pulled the young artist to a level of excellence on Vevo’s DSCVR list of top 20 artists to watch; as the follow-up single was listed among the top 20 songs currently shaping the music world. Pop also received a golden chance to give a live performance of the song at the Vevo DSCVR ARTISTS WATCH 2020.

You’d assume Pop Smoke’s fame ended with his craze-loving fans, right? Of course not! “Welcome To The Party” has also placed Pop Smoke among the upcoming artists to enjoy love from famous artists like Nicki Minaj and Skepta. For the records, Nicki has succeeded in pushing the song to a whole new level by producing a buzzing remix of it this summer. In the remix, she spared her haters no room for negativity as she lashed it out on them with lyrics that showed she couldn’t care less about their attitudes towards her.

Live performance at Vevo DSCVR ARTISTS WATCH 2020

There’s no doubt that the millions of fans who came out to revalidate their support for Nicki Minaj afterwards would surely identify with the original song in one way or the other, and also expand Pop Smoke’s fan base.

Pop Smoke initially never anticipated the birth of his music career. It began for him as a huge coincidence, but the uniqueness his voice introduces to his songs has kept him on top of a booming fan list. An unmistakable example of the influence he has on his fans is evident in his debut mixtape “Meet the Woo” which has no feature but emerged as a song deeply loved by his fans.

In 2018, while he accompanied his associates and colleague for studio activities, the Brooklyn artist got inspired by their productions and began to discreetly record his own songs. In addition, he happens to be in Brooklyn’s upcoming drill scene, and so was able to combine the sound technologies of London and Chicago drills with his raspy voice to produce an exciting song that has kept his fans immensely captivated.

Pop Smoke

Pop Smoke also raps in a manner that confers a bubbling combination of aggressiveness and style which makes his songs on violence and street crime sound like warnings. In fact, given that he happens to be a fan of prominent artists like Meek Mill and Jay-Z, he is gradually giving life to the caliber of rap relevant in New York today.

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