Doje Thrills Fans with New Single “Thraa”


“Wanna be, be a star, make it pop, Thraa, Tha, Tha. Damn you look so good, you look so good up in my ride, you a freak, you a God, you’ll make a ni*** rob…””

– quote from “Thraa”

Atlanta singer, songwriter and rapper Doje has released a banging new track he titles “Thraa”. The artist who has been writing songs for other artist has just shown us that there is a great singer under the exterior of the creative writer we know him to be.

“Thraa” which is sort of an ode to a sexy lady who he calls a goddess, sings about how amazing and special she is, that she makes him want to get all into her.

The energy in the song is so contagious that you find yourself moving to this track from the first sentence to the end.

Doje’s rhymes and choice of words are just so creative that they leave you wondering where he gets his inspiration from. With instrumentation topping the brilliant presentation, Doje has made one great debut if you ask me.

A song for the goddess, “Thraa” is enticing both to male and female folks alike; while women would totally love to shake and move to this one, men would also appreciate the track as it somewhat expresses their feelings when they meet a sexy woman.

Doje Thraa

Singing about a sexy lady, Doje uses interesting words and exclamations that tell you just what he means to say. “Thraa” is a mix of fun and creativity in one track. 

Songwriting is a talent that comes naturally to Doje just as it seems singing and rapping does as well. From the very early age of 7, Doje had been writing and singing, and by the age of 15 his creativity led him to writing jingles for various companies while earning money for it.

Knowing that he was cut out for music and songwriting, Doje did not hesitate to move to New York where he was opportune to work briefly with music manager Jeff Robinson, MBK entertainment as well as artists Robinson managed, including the young and talented H.E.R.


With experience under his belt, his desire and aspiration to do music continued to grow and this was what led Doje to move to Los Angeles where he currently resides. While writing for other artists, the desire to tell his own story and give the world a glimpse of what he could do with music pushed him to write and sing his own song.

Things fell into place for Doje as he secured a record deal with an indie record label, Hitmakers Entertainment where he recorded his first single, which by all indications is not only going to be a successful track, but also put him out there for recognition as a natural talent.

“Thraa” is hot out of the studio now and it is one track you must have on your playlist as soon as possible. You can listen to this track on Soundcloud now and I believe it is fair to warn that you might get hooked on this one.

We look forward to more songs and projects from Doje sometime soon.



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