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This topic is one that would interest any cannabis consumer, especially those who are particular about the strain composition because it is a challenge and struggle to find a particular strain that has the same chemical composition consistently. Coming across the “perfect” strain is enough trouble, now you have to worry about the strain being the same thing all the time. How devastating it must be to get the same strain that feels different.

Two strains can bear the same name and it’s composition can vary according to how it was grown, and this can cause a deviation on the experience it gives the users. For this reason, it is important that you find a good strain that is labeled with utmost precision. This information about the specificity of strain names, composition and their reliability is one you must have before visiting the dispensary to get that strain you desire. I mean how can you answer the question of how similar two strains are in composition if they have the same strain name? Read on to find out. 

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Strain Reliability

Strain reliability is simply the consistency in chemical composition and hence effect of cannabis flowers that are labeled with the same strain name. A strain that is reliable would contain very similar constituent from one grower to another and produce a particular effect that is predictable. A strain that is not reliable will show a wide reendow of expression in composition when you compare the different strains having that strain name. 

There are several reasons why a strain name can be unreliable. A number of sellers complicate the market by making a strain after another just to improve sales. Genetics of cannabis flowers also play an important role in strain variability and unreliability, as they can be unpredictable sometimes and plants with close genotype or from the same lineage may end up having wide phenotypic differences that will amount to an increase in disparity in composition. 

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Determining Reliability 

A perfectly reliable strain would mean that any product with that particular strain name would have the exact same composition in ratio of cannabinoids and terpene in each one. If only one person grew all the cannabis that were sold, maybe this would be possible, but this perfection is only theoretical and fair consistency is all we need for a reliable strain. Now, because there are a lot of growers of cannabis flowers, the disparity in strain composition is bound to exist but a number of strains of different growers have been collected to be analyzed by various labs to test for consistency.

Chemical Composition 

Cannabis is a plant of several variety. The sativa, indica and hybrid specie have their variety that differ in composition because of the ratio in which cannabinoids and terpene that’s distributed in each strain.

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