Imani Blair Speaks Up About An Issue Plaguing Women of Color in Her New Release “Shoot ‘Em”

Imani Blair

“I know that I fool ‘em, they think I’m naive and I won’t even do ‘em. I want all the smoke and I’ll take it right to ‘em. These takers are evil and evil consume ‘em…”

– quote from “Shoot ‘Em”

Besides press releases and public announcements, songs and public entertainment happen to be very effective ways through which information can be made known to the masses. Thankfully, Imani Blair has uniquely used this medium to speak up on an issue affecting women of color.

It is no news that women of color suffer many forms of inequality, abuse and neglect, in most cases these issues never get brought to the forefront and the women endure in silence. One thing the press and other relevant bodies are not shining a light on is the fact that women of color are being abducted at an alarming rate. Imani’s visual vividly depicts the magnitude of strength women of color must possess to merely survive every passing day.

Imani’s newest release “Shoot ‘Em” is the overwhelming outcome of the explosive force of her compassion towards women of color and her overdose of multiple talents. Her voice sets fine over the cinematic background and hip hop and rap genre of the song, and her message is duly passed.

Imani portrays the situation faced by women of color by playing as the victim of a planned kidnap by men in her music video. She depicts a woman who would not give in without a struggle and fights her abductors with the last drop of her blood. The video ends on a note that would leave you brooding over the predicament of women and you’ll eventually find your voice to speak up for our sisters.

Imani Blair Shoot Em

The Virginia born and raised singer has been around the music industry for 15 years. She draws inspiration from artists like Trey Songz, Chris Brown and Toni Braxton, and is set to show the world how much this inspiration has built in her.

Even from a very tender age, Imani Blair has always been on the high side of the game. Starting from age 9, she was greeted by a standing ovation in Showtime at the Apollo and since then, she has remained a figure of admiration from her fans and other artists within the industry.

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