Jesse Pringle, Clarifying the Guidelines to Being Real in his Latest Single “The Realest”

Jesse Pringle The Realest

“If you wanna get worth, pay up. If you just talking shit, shut the fuc* up. I wanna be the realest in the game, I take the money you can have the fame…”

– quote from “The Realest”

TME artist Jesse Pringle, a Kansas City native who is known for his own type of music which he calls the Outlaw genre, is going all out to teach other musicians what it means to be real even as he sets the example.

“The Realest” is a tribute to his circle, the people who had been with him from the start and he brings them into his video just to show them how much he is grateful for them.

The track is also a message to people who tell lies, and live a life that is not theirs just for the clout and followership even though people don’t love them for who they really are.

Also known as the Outlaw, Jesse is here to let people know that the real ones are hard to come by and as such they should be respected even as he reiterates his decision to not join the crowd of artists living the fake life, but continue to show only his true self to his fans and friends.

“The Realest” is Jesse’s way of stepping up and letting people know what is real and what is not real in the industry and he does not mince words when shaming those who choose to be fake just so they can be famous.

Jesse Pringle

For the Outlaw, “The Realest” is more than just another track, it is his autobiography in some sort because he tells a personal story of his journey beginning from when he left home at 18 and how all the people he met and places he found himself had something to add to who he has become today.

Speaking about the inspiration behind this track, Jesse has this to say “I was speaking my opinion on how so many rap artists and modern day personalities feel the need to act tough and talk loud just to get attention. I wanted to create a song that could define who I am not just as an artist but most importantly as a person. I wanted to tell my story and I feel I did when writing it.”

The video for “The Realest” showcased a dark and edgy vibe alongside muscle cars which Jesse loves, all fused in a creative manner that it creates a real badass visual.

Jesse Pringle

“The Realest” has gotten lots of positive reactions from fans and it just might be one of the artist’s biggest songs yet.

Jesse is still on a mission to create music and experiences that his fans can connect with and enjoy both in the studio and during live performances.

Check out “The Realest” on all major media platforms today. 

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