Rochester Raps About Chasing Passion in his Latest Release “Big Dreams”


“I walked thru hell like Dante, dance with the devil I’m haunted. Couldn’t stand up now I’m stomping. Paid my dues and made a profit. I’ve been thru all of the pain, this game ain’t nothing to me. I ain’t had nowhere to sleep, still kept it moving cause I got big dreams…”

– quote from “Big Dreams”

Toronto hip hop artist and lyricist Rochester is back with a bang and this one is full of motivation and positivity.

The highly rated artist who is loved locally and internationally for his lyrical prowess and energetic performances is keeping the energy in this single and music video he titles “Big Dreams”.

Rochester sings about the dreams he has for himself and his music and how these dreams have kept him striving day to day towards the attainment of the success he is now known for.

In this song, Rochester takes us through a timeline of his career beginning from the time when he has to struggle really hard to make things work, recounting how consistency in pursuit has gotten him to the point where he is now balling, making international trips and being paid heavily for performances.

From the opening verse to the last, Rochester spits motivation and positivity in creative and beautifully rhymed words that stick to your mind like glue. Every sentence he drops is filled with so much word play and lyrical flavor that keeps you rocking till the end. The upbeat instrumentals only add more flavor to an already amazing track.

Within one week of its release, “Big Dreams” has made it to the hottest Apple Music playlist which includes The Plug, The New Toronto, Northern Bars and many others.

“Big Dreams” is directed by Phil Harris, produced by Book Worm and licensed to his label Blocktrade records.


Coming out of one of the roughest areas in Toronto, Rochester was faced with lots of challenging circumstances and vices but he made his way through all of that and built himself into the performer, lyricist and artist that we all love.

Rochester has awards to show for his great music and talent including his 2002 top prize for Young Luv and his 2008 Stylist DJ of the Year award when he was featured in The World is Yours National Campaign for Athletes.

Rochester has been very instrumental in shaping Canada’s music scene in the past few years with highly anticipated and even higher performing songs. His 2017 single “Good Vibes” was named as one of Toronto’s summer anthems of 2017.

Rochester is loved for his performances and has graced the stage alongside many a-list artists like Busta Rhymes, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, G-Unit and Nas.

Rochester is known for making music that reflects the hearts and souls of his audience even as he delivers good vibes.

“Big Dreams” is a banging track you should check out on YouTube and other major media platforms.

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