Khyzac Is Out of the Studio With Fresh Vibes in a New Track He Titles “Lonzo”


“Tacos, I just got a shipment out the cargo. Ho*s know, bitc* I’m not yo’ man, I break yo heart ho*…”

– quote from Lonzo”

Talented West Englewood Chicago artist Khyzac is blessing his fans with a new track he calls “Lonzo”.

The “War” and “Truth” artist raps about balling hard like Lonzo, keeping model chicks and auto glocks all while hanging out with the guys.

The visual for “Lonzo” features Khyzac and the gang in an upbeat fast paced video with some creative animation art to add appeal.

The video also displays the good life Khyzac is living, from the watch on his wrist to the dollars on the floor you get a sense that this young artist does well for himself.

In this song Khyzac does not hesitate to call out those he does not care for, letting them know where he stands at all times with his straight forward and raw rap style.

It is very easy to get a grasp of the talent Khyzac is known and loved for as he delivers fast paced lyrics with rhythm and rhymes that illustrate his experiences.

Khayzac has been on a roll lately as he has released a number of tracks consecutively that we just cannot help but love.

In March this year, Khyzac dropped “Truth” where he raps about telling the truth, keeping it real and staying away from fake people who tell on each other.

Khyzac also dropped the official visual for “War” three months ago and while we were still going crazy over the track, he dropped “Lonzo” making it undeniable that his creative flare will soon reign.

“My Music is pure expression of me, I mean every sentence.” A quote directly from the man himself.

The official video for “Lonzo” was released alongside his “Kurtain” video. It is shot by Kaybee visuals and licensed under True Hustlers Association.

“Lonzo” is available for streaming and downloads on YouTube, Deezer, Apple Music, Spotify and other major media platforms. You can also check out other tracks by the artist while you’re at it.

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