Charlie Noiir Introduces “Very Scary”

Charlie Noiir

“Why you hate on me? That won’t help. I’m who you want to be. Be ya self, it’s not Halloween…”

-quote from “Very Scary”

Charlie Noiir introduces “Very Scary” a new smash hit motivated by his desire to let people know about the energy he’s bringing to the table. Charlie by nature is just a walking party, full of life and charismatic both in and outside of the studio.

“Very Scary” from the debut album is accompanied by a visual that looks like Charlie took the party to a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie scene. The bouncy and fun beat partnered with witty bars and the confident aire of Charlie are definitely enough to make on lookers beware “Very Scary”.

Definitely no stranger to the music scene, the Toronto native lead the duo OSIYM into stardom. Throughout his career Charlie has been featured on several media outlets and they all agree that the young artist’s flow is undeniable. Not only are the media outlets talking about this, but Charlie also has done numerous live performances across North America and had placements on several playlists.

Charlie Noiir-Very Scary
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