Rap Duo PM Releases New Hit Single “Get It”


“Horses on my whip, water on my wrist. I don’t ask for shi* bi*** my body thick…”

– quote from “Get It”
The female rap duo PM from Columbus Ohio has released their new hit single “Get It”, a party hit dedicated to the go getters that is guaranteed to make you shake a leg. The rap duo composed of Phi and Miesha started out as best friends, which was a huge factor contributing to the amazing chemistry in their music.

Though they now reside in different cities the ladies have not allowed this to deter them from the goal at hand. Collaboration has not been the easiest process with the distance between the two, however this obstacle would prove to be no match for the persistence of these women.

After an abundance of time in the studio the two talented divas created the sultry summer smash “Get It”, a song that embodies bossy, feminine, power. The visual is a vibrant display of the ladies in their bossiest form showing the onlookers how it’s done. On the surface you’ll fall in love with the song’s sassy beat and instantly drown in it’s energy. Underneath the commanding bass and inside the clever lines lie a message of inspiration to all, a message that screams if there are things in life that you desire you must possess the confidence and be audacious enough to simply “Get It”.

PM Get-It
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