Justina Valentine is Back with Sexy New Single “Strawberry Soda”

Justina Valentine

“He love me ‘cause I’m bubbly, call me strawberry soda….”

– quote from “Strawberry Soda”

American rapper, singer and television personality Justina Valentine is out of the studio with a new vibe in the track she titles “Strawberry Soda”.

The new single which is both sexy and upbeat sees Justina sing about being famous among the guys with some adult rated lyrics describing just what she means.

With a delivery that is just as sexy as the rapper herself, she tells a story of her and the lovers she has had and how she has been known to give them the time of their lives. She also weaves sex and money in a symphony that sends a message about how important it is to grind and make money as well as how she goes all out to get the men all hot and bothered when she’s in her game.

Justina throws in a bilingual flair in this track making it even more attractive to fans who would no doubt hang on every word she says.

“Strawberry Soda” is a depiction of how bubbly and sweet she is as she sings “he love me ‘cause I’m bubbly, call me strawberry soda.”

While this track is infectious, engaging and somewhat raw, what we love most about it is her crazy creative rhyme scheme that she delivers. Her creativity with words seeps from every sentence she sings and it is easy to see that she is not only sleek with the pen, but also very talented in drawing people in with her words.

“Strawberry Soda” is a track for the ladies who are both powerful and sexy and are not afraid to show these sides of themselves to the world as well as for guys who love their girls sexy and strong.

Coming after her last album “Favorite Vibe” which debuted in the top 40 Hip-Hop charts, Justina comes back even harder with “Strawberry Soda” which is also expected to do well as much as far music is concerned.

Justina Valentine

Justina is the perfect description of who an entertainer is as she excels not only in the act of rap and singing but also as a writer, actress and show host. She is the newest co-host on MTV’s How Far is Tatoo Far? and is currently featured on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out that airs every Sunday.

Known and loved for her passion and drive, Justina has continued to steal the hearts of fans everywhere from the music scene to television and with songs like “Strawberry Soda”; we can’t help but love her more.

Looking back at how our very favorite red haired irresistible rapper has blossomed ever since she stepped into the industry with her songs gaining lots of recognition both on the charts and on YouTube, it is impossible to not stan the queen that she is and anticipate more good music from the talented artist.

Check out “Strawberry Soda” on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, YouTube and other major platforms.

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