Rudeboy Tha Shottah Releases New Music “Rich In Spirit”

Rude Boy Tha Shottah

“I never lost hope, even when it got tough. I made it clear to my circle that we gon run this shi* up. If you ain’t talking about money then I’m hanging it up…”

– quote from “Rich In Spirit”

New Orleans artist Rudeboy Tha Shottah is back with a new single that is all positive and motivational. “Rich In Spirit” is a struggle to success kind of song that strongly reflects the life of Rudeboy himself.

Rudeboy begins this track by highlighting the struggles he had at the beginning of his career and how his positivity was the only thing that kept him.

Like most other up and coming artists, the start was rocky for him with nobody lending a hand or believing in his abilities, but while things got tougher, he tried harder until he began gaining recognition among his peers.

“Rich In Spirit” highlights the struggles we all go through especially when running with a vision and people don’t believe you can amount to much; being rich in spirit will help you through those times until you finally get to the spotlight.

This energetic new track from the young talent who grew up in the streets watching his friends getting corrupt and going into crime but chose to stay focused on his dream goes to show how much faith and perseverance can lead to success in the end.

Rudeboy continues to stay true to his dream even as he tells of the progress he has made so far in “Rich In Spirit” and the reason he still continues to push on.

The grind is as real as ever for this young talent and he does not hesitate to share his vision and motivation with his fans to let them know that they can succeed if they keep trying.

Currently available on YouTube, “Rich In Spirit” is full of positivity, passion and respect for the struggle and those who work hard at their dream without giving up under the pressure; in the end you will make it to the top and all your struggles will pay off.

Rude Boy Tha Shottah

Rudeboy’s musical talent has been featured on upcoming music television shows like Trendsetter, Str8 Lounge, and Independent Dope.

“I am learning the business, to stay humble and to not let people take me off my game… I want to give the kids in 6th Ward N.O., up and coming artist or anyone in the struggle some motivation and something to look up to,” these are words from the talented artist.

Rudeboy is still working hard at his dream of becoming a successful recording artist in the music industry and he is fast getting to the point of success.

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