Outrageous Karina Sings About Toxic Relationships In “Anxiety”

Outrageous Karina

“Prison in my mind I’m stuck, this love is the cell. Told me I’m your angel but I’m waking up living in hell…”

– quote from “Anxiety”

San Jose, California rapper and songwriter Outrageous Karina is out of the studio with a new track and she calls this one “Anxiety”.

In this track Outrageous Karina describes what a toxic relationship looks like as well as what someone who is in such relationship should do.

The video for “Anxiety” is set in an apartment where Karina is battling with anxiety and sleeplessness while her partner is out cheating and partying with other women.

Outrageous Karina sings about how she got herself into such toxic relationship and how it has changed her and distracted her from the goals and dreams she was pursuing. She also recalls how they started out right, but things quickly changed for the worse.

Like Karina rightly depicts in this track, toxic persons and relationships can mess with your emotional and mental health and the only way to save yourself is to get out quick.

While getting into a toxic relationship is what nobody hopes for, some of us find ourselves in such situations at one time or the other; Karina also brings the solution to that in this track as she talks herself out of the bad situation and decides to walk out of this one.

The attitude Outrageous Karina showcases in this track is totally what we should all have towards toxic people and situations; use the door and get out as quickly as possible.

Although the message contained in “Anxiety” already made us fall in love with it, her well worded and thought out lyrics also boasts of the creative ability of the song writer as she delivers this smooth trap record.

Thumbs up to Outrageous Karina for this beautiful and thoughtful track, and accolades go to her producer Joyrizer and Director The Pixel Pushrs.

“Anxiety” is a track out of her 2019 EP “Good At This” which was broken by Big Von on 106.1 KMEL, the biggest mainstream urban station in the Bay Area. The EP features 6 tracks including “Bless”, “The Way”, “Save Me”, “Good At This” and “What About Now”.

Outrageous Karina

Outrageous Karina has opened up for artists like French Montana, Mistah F.A.B, Los Rakas to name a few. She also takes pride in recording and mixing her own songs which includes her last two singles “Hope” and “Good At This”.

She has truly come a long way in her career and promises to be even greater as she works on more music and visuals. Her music is available on all major streaming platforms.

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