Ann G Makes a Comeback with “Something’s Got to Give”

Ann G

“We tryna to elevate, elevate. They try to stifle with petty hate. She say when they go low we go high, they wanna level but that’s all right…one thing is sure something’s got to give…”

– quote from “Something’s Got to Give”

Making a great comeback from her long hiatus that got fans and lovers wondering what had happened to their favorite R&B star, Ann G has made an appearance once again on the music scene.

The former Atlantic Records star, who debuted with her Billboard Top 20 single “If She Knew” in 1989, has thrilled fans even so many years back on the music scene, and she is making a pretty loud comeback.

Ann G’s new song “Something’s Got to Give” is a total package from all angles. Without any artificial sounds or instrumentation, this is a 100% vocal track made of only human sounds.

The first official single from her upcoming new project “The Sarah Project”, this track is not only unique and creative, but also sets the pace in today’s music industry.

“Something’s Got to Give” takes inspiration and motivation to the frontline as she sings about some social issues that have become a problem in today’s society.

Ann sings about a lot of things happening in America, especially mistreatment of black, colored people and immigrants using clips of protesters, arrests, and the likes to further paint the picture of what she sings about.

Perhaps the part with the loudest message in this track is where she preaches love among races and classes in such a heartfelt manner it pulls at the heartstrings. “I can love me without hating you. I’m trynna say that we matter too.”

“Something’s Got to Give” is a mix of raw talent Ann possesses, her passion for the cause she sings about, as well as the creativity behind her natural vocals and instrumentation done with her mouth.

Speaking about the song and her comeback to music, Ann has this to say “I have lived through a lot of changes and just… lived a lot in general. This has all combined and created a bubbling of creativity inside me. I had new stuff I wanted to say from my “grown woman” perspective.”

Ann G Project

Ann describes her new style of music as R&B Beatboxing; something so interesting and unique we look forward to seeing how the rest of her project will turn out.

While we anticipate “The Sarah Project”, check out “Something’s Got to Give” as we welcome this great talent back to the music scene.







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