Dee Watkins Releases “Rugrats”

Dee Watkins

“I still be in the hood, where the fiends at? I don’t care if it’s a dolla, b*** I need that. F** yo comments, we don’t care about your feedback…”

– quote from “Rugrats”

Dee Watkins is a shining hip hop artist in the state of Florida. His latest release “Rugrats”, which debuted alongside its video, is yet another unreserved expression of his unique musical talent drowned in high-octane beats. In the song, Dee raps on the escapades encountered while growing up in the 90s. It expressly explains the ups and downs of life and was produced by Gasky Beats. The music video was released right in the heat of Dee’s 7 million YouTube viewers music video “Bad Ass Jit”. There’s no doubt it is going to pull an overwhelming number of views and listeners to itself.

Dee Watkins has seemingly transformed the aura of hip hop around Florida with his unique style of music. He is able to accomplish this with his passionate approach, innovative lyrics and ever melodious beats.

He once struggled to have his voice heard and he always had an unrelenting passion for music, but didn’t have a means to express himself without constraint. However, he first began by uploading his tracks to some online platforms and within a short time, those tracks were recording more than 500k plays. He further began to record massive breakthroughs on platforms like SoundCloud with some of his singles like “Hell Raisers”, “No Case” and “Down For Me”.

For Dee, “Hell Raiser” was the deal. Having portrayed the Purge in the video, the song features adolescence and the delinquencies associated with the youth. In fact, he earlier confirmed that people ought to understand what runs through the minds of youngsters, and that those who flouted rules were perceived to be having some kind of fun.

Right now, Dee Watkins has over 300,000 people listening to all his songs every month, with the highest number of listeners coming from Chicago. In a couple of years, Dee is set to have his name set in the stones of music legends, therefore, sit back and anticipate his greatness.

Dee Watkins
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