Compound Is About The Boss Life In Latest Track “All I’m Talkin” Featuring Jim Jones


“Gas is all I’m puffin’, all this money I’m lovin’, homie stop all that bluffin’, my old b*** you cuffin’, and I ain’t worried about nothin’…”

– quote from “All I’m Talkin”

Wisconsin artist Compound is out with a new track for the bosses and this one is titled “All I’m Talkin”.

Featuring Jim Jones on this one, the duo sing about the kind of things they have been getting themselves into; giving their fans a glimpse of the lavish lifestyle they are living.

“All I’m Talkin” is a track that not only showcases the synergy between Compound and Jones but also their ability to bring rhymes to play in a creative and enjoyable manner. Singing about the money, chicks and the high class lifestyle they are living, the duo jumps on the instrumentation produced by DJ Pain 1 to deliver their message with fancy and suave.

Jim Jones and Compound bring their creative ability to play in “All I’m Talkin” as they paint a clear picture with their words, giving fans a mental image of what they rap about.

For a talented and seasoned business manager like Compound who has taken charge of quite a number of artists in the industry, his debut into music goes to show that he has quite a number of talents under his sleeves and can actually be as great an artist as a manager and even greater.

Compound brings creativity, his knowledge of music and a different flavor in terms of his brand to the industry as he sets a pace for a somewhat unique and different kind of music.

With a very vibrant expression of his life perspectives, personality and life’s philosophies, Compound brings fans into his realm with his creative use of words, imagery and style as he warms us up to his kind of music.

Multi-talented rapper and Co-CEO of hip-hop record “The Diplomats”, Jim Jones also deserves a lot of accolades for his collaboration with Compound on this track, as he not only vibes wonderfully with Compound, but also creates lyrics that fit right into the mix of DJ Pain’s production and Compound’s delivery.

This latest work by Compound is about to be the favorite of many especially the men who don’t talk anything but money and the good life; you would find it easy to relate with this picture the duo paints.

Whether you have yourself in boss mode or you appreciate confident and positive songs, “All I’m Talkin” is for you and you would be doing yourself a whole lot of disservice if you are not already singing and moving to this tune.


With his unique brand of music coupled with a track record of experience from managing artist, it is already easy to imagine and see Compound on his way to the top as he takes his own lane with his own kind of seasoned creativity and talent that sets him apart from other artist in the industry.







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