Latenightjiggy Releases Party Themed Visuals for “Mimosas”


“I love that O.J. mixed with champagne. Make you feel alive, you can’t explain. She fuc* with them mimosas…”

  quote from “Mimosas”

American born Trinidadian musician Latenightjiggy has released visuals for his 2019 track “Mimosas”.

The artist, songwriter and producer who earlier released his EP “Flavors” which includes the track “Mimosas” has put out visuals for the banging jam making it  even more amazing than it already was.

Barely two weeks after being released, the video has earned over 10,000 views on YouTube with fans responding very positively to the song.

Mixing both English language and Spanish in this one, Jiggy creates an upbeat, party yet sensual feel as he sings about a lady of the party with all sorts of sweet words for the one who has caught his attention.

With rhythm, lyrics and the feel of “Mimosas”, it is a certified club jam with the ability of making lovers out of strangers and giving couples a good time as they move to this one.

The visuals for “Mimosas” is set in a pool party with girls and guys drinking, dancing and having fun with a DJ providing them with jams.

Jiggy who plays hosts and livens the party with his song delivers every sentence with a mix of English and Spanish creating a bi-lingual flair that is highly sought after and enjoyed.

Whether or not you understand Spanish, the meaning and message of the song cannot be lost on you as he praises a lady at the party, letting her know how much he likes what he sees and what he would love to do to her.

Featuring lots of Mimosas at the party, Jiggy gives a true representation of the track’s title as he shows us how a real party is done.

Clubs are about to be on fire with this track that sends both the ladies and the men into the party mood giving the DJs something to play nonstop.

Jiggy found his footing in music and songwriting following the death of Michael Jackson and has since then taken after artists like Chris Brown, Tory Lanez, J.Cole and Rihanna even as he has developed a unique style of music for himself exploring concepts and musical genres as he goes.

Latenightjiggy Flavors

Latenightjiggy has indeed come a long way since he started producing his own music in 2015. His flair for crossing genres as well as his brand of Caribbean and Latin infused tracks has not only set him apart as a unique voice and style, it has also set the pace for a new wave of music that is shifting culture and for others coming after.

Watch, listen and stream “Mimosas” on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and other major media platforms. You should also check out “Flavors” the EP while you’re at it.

Listen to Flavors EP

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