Glancy Kelly Releases “Tell Me”

Glancy Kelly

“Just keeping it one hunnid, anyway you want it girl I promise that it’s nothing. You know I love the way you wind it, facing in the mirror, so seductive oh I like it…”

– quote from “Tell Me”

Glancy Kelly is a Texas-based R&B singer whose musical inspiration stems unambiguously from the successes of famous musicians like Frank Ocean, Trey Songz and Miguel. As a matter of fact, most of his songs literally portray the unique musical style of music entities like Mario.

Having gone through overwhelming life issues, Kelly sought refuge in music at a very young age. And as a growing kid, he had to turn his sad story to songs as soon as he learnt the basics of songwriting.

You’d have thought his environment would stop him from progressing beyond songwriting, but it did not. In fact, he was able to expand his talents to instruments by learning to play drums and keyboard, and then trying out a few rap lines. Within a very short time, he developed an undying passion for music production which has become his driving force today.

After several attempts to penetrate and remain relevant in the music industry, Kelly has recorded quite a good number of feat in music. He was featured in the first few parts of the American Idol opening scenes.

With the recent release of his new album, Glancy Kelly has shown that he is set to flaunt his unhidden music talent so that the whole world would recognize it. The album rocks across various music genres from pop to R&B, to soul and hip-hop. He points that the album is a reflection of his entire personality, and that he had worked on the song for over two years.

Glancy Kelly Tell Me

In his words, he made it clear that he was ready to go beyond producing songs with very “ordinary lyrics”. He believes his lyrics are unique and uncommon. The reactions he’s received from his fan base as regards to his songs have shown that he was completely sure of his abilities.

Speaking about Kelly’s latest single “Tell Me”, it is simply a bold and enthralling combination of deep words and passionate singing that is aimed at communicating with the hearts of listeners. He admitted that the song was released as his ways of reaching out to people personally and he also hopes listeners would be able to hear the uniqueness and originality in his voice.

Glancy Kelly
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