K-Tron Releases New Single “Rock With Me”


“Rock with me and roll with me for old times sake. I want to give you my love. I want to send my love…”

– quote from “Rock With Me”

Portsmouth, Virginia recording artist K-Tron has lived in various states including Louisiana and North Carolina. Those places influenced his style in which he created a multi-fasted sound combining soul, R&B and hip hop.

Music was a huge part of his life growing up. It brought him feelings of joy, healing, and excitement. Artist such as Marvin Gay, The Temptations, and Boyz 2 Men were played continually through his home. When he heard R. Kelly’s “Honey Love” he knew the music industry was where he wanted to be.

He released his first single “Why Did You Leave?” in 2001. He has since worked with amazing unground artist from Miami, New Orleans, Atlanta and Virginia. K-Tron is in creative mode preparing for his next EP releasing early next year.

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