Rado and Lowkey Release EP “5 Shyt Rockin”


“Got drip for sale, got Bobby and Whitney, got hits for sale…we countin’ it up, I’m counting for real. I’m hustling hard for checks and a deal…”

– quote from “Real One”

Music duo Rado and Lowkey have made true of their promise with the release of their latest EP “5 Shyt Rockin”.

The Aurora, Colorado rap duo who dropped “Money Bag” in 2018 have delivered their project and it is a banger on many levels.

The “5 Shyt Rockin” EP is a release from 5Life Entertainment and features 8 tracks including “Real One”, “Man of the Year”, “Money Up”, “Savage”, “Doin’ My Thang”, “On the Gang”, “Wait for the Winter” and “Papercuts”.

One thing that is certain about the EP is that is an all-round banging package; every track has a unique message, great instrumentation and a vibe that takes you into the mood the duo creatively deliver.

“On Tha Gang” features tight rap by the duo as they sing about running their own show without worrying about haters.

“Savage” delivers vibes that catch you before you know it. With beautiful rhymes and lyrics, they sing with a certain level of confidence about their appeal especially to the ladies.  “I’m candle waxing, I’ll leave you melting from the status” they call out.

Rado and Lowkey are all about their money and are not afraid to spend it.

Rado and Lowkey

The 6th track on the EP, “Real One” depicts the hustle of the music industry that the duo have to go through just to bring us good music like they did with this one.

“5 Shyt Rockin” is one banging EP from the duo that is making its way to becoming the favorite playlist of many. With just one listen you would be convinced that the duo has it locked down.

Bringing back the tag team to modern hip-hop with their creative styles, bringing vibes that remind you of names like OutKast, Kris Kross, 8Ball, UGK and MJG, Rado and Lowkey has a feel you should totally connect to.

5Life Entertainments release of “5 Shyt Rockin” was very well worth the wait. We have a bundle of talent in the form of 8 amazing tracks from the duo to enjoy.

Dynamic Duo Rado & Lowkey

Check out “5 Shyt Rockin” on Apple Music and all other major media platforms today and get a taste of the rap duo that boast of talent, style, creativity, well worded lyrics and rhyme schemes that are undeniably amazing.

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