Focus The Truth Partners with Tony Yayo in Latest Release “Northside to Southside”

Focus The Truth

“Rap with mad aggression but it’s not effective. We cut from different cloths you can’t deny the texture…”

– quote from “Northside to Southside”

New York City rapper Focus The Truth features Tony Yayo of G-Unit in authentic new track “Northside to Southside”.

Both artists work their magic on the two versed track as they deliver original lyrics, creative rhymes with amazing flow that livens up the entire track and sets a tone and sends a message of confidence and originality across to whoever watches it.

The verse from Focus features rhymes and lyrics that create mental images even as he touches base with the hustle, his abilities as well as the current state of rap.

While the chorus has Focus The Truth and Tony Yayo calling out “Northside, Southside”, Tony’s verse has him boasting of how far he has come and how much of a big deal he is.

The duo holds down their deliveries and gives us a feel of the awesomeness that comes from two talented artists coming together on a project.


The official video was shot by Quasquiat with a comic faux start before the track when popular podcaster Queenzflip crashes in on the song and complains about not being invited. Your first thought would be to wonder if you were watching the right video, but that was all on the podcaster and it came out pretty nicely.

While his love of visual and creative arts has helped Focus The Truth create outstanding musical and lyrical experiences, being an emcee since the early age of 14 has also seen him master the ability to convey messages strongly using words.

Rather than dwell on tales, false realities and promotion of stereotypes as is found in the music industry today, Focus takes pride in using his lyrics to deliver truth, positive vibes and say the things that matter.

Focus The Truth Northside to Southside

A very tenacious rapper dedicated to building his career and becoming a force to reckon with in the industry, Focus already has track records of good music that not only show his growth but also testify of his uniqueness and natural talent.

Tony Yayo is an American rapper, hype man and street legend also from Queens. One third of the hip-hop group G-Unit with childhood friends 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks, Tony has chart topping songs like “Thoughts of a Predicate Felon” and is currently doing music under EMI and G-Unit.

Listen and stream “Northside to Southside” by Focus The Truth and Tony Yayo on all media platforms today.

Focus The Truth
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