Mak Brings Fresh Inspiration with “What You Been Through”


“Tell me what you been through, tell me how you get through…how you make it out so fly, did a lot so I can get by…”

– quote from “What You Been Through”

Talented Chicago born artist Mak is out with a stream of motivation for his fans in the form of a new track and he titles this one “What You Been Through”.

The artist and producer sings about overcoming obstacles and still turning out great in the end in a track that not only inspires but encourages you to see through whatever it is you are facing at the moment.

A road map through hard and turbulent times, the assurance remains in the fact that tough times don’t last forever but determination and continued effort is what it takes to overcome a difficult stage in life.

“What You Been Through” is yet another track from the “M’s” and “Dance On It” singer that is not only easy to vibe and relate to, but also leaves you feeling strong enough to take up every challenge you might have to face.

As expected with Mak, this track comes from a place within him, bringing to light his feelings and experiences even as he aims to give us a glimpse of what his life has been like, which might closely mirror with some of us have had to go through as well.

Mak tells the story in a simple yet creative video as he spits rhymes and lyrics that are just as original as you can always expect from the creative.

Mak What You Been Through

Perhaps the best thing about this song is not only the fact that it clearly highlights the tough times we go through at a certain time or the other, it also paints a picture of victory to us; victory that is gotten from continuously pushing yourself to be better and do better regardless of the challenges you have to face.

Talking about the inspiration behind the track, Mak has this to say “While writing the verses I reflected on my younger self and the mindset that pulled me through turbulent times. This song is inspired by the everlasting struggle to overcome never-ending obstacle throughout the journey of life.”

Indeed a whole lot of inspiration and positivity can be drawn from this latest project by the natural talent who has continued to show his love and talent for the arts ever since he began writing award winning poetry in his earlier days.

Mak Releases Visual for M’s


While on the course to define and develop his talent, Mak moved to Kansas City where he teamed up with other young rappers and artists to make music and has since then made successful collaborations with artists and producers even as he releases solo projects as well. 

Mak is a fast growing musical talent who never takes a break from bringing us good tracks even as he works on more projects. Check out “What You Been Through” if you haven’t, and also look up other tracks from the talented artist while you are at it.

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