Belis Releases Contemporary Rap Anthem “Lemonade”


“I will never hesitate to take somethin’. I gotta take it. Made that mistake once and it took too long to escape it. I love lemonade, bitc*, I move very safe, bitc*, and they goin’ crazy ‘cause they can’t relate bitc*…”

Up and coming North Carolina artist Belis has released a contemporary hip-hop anthem that she calls “Lemonade”.

The rapper who has gotten our attention because of the quality she delivers and her ability to do songs that stands out from many others is once again captivating us on this one with her beautiful voice with which she delivers this none-of-your-business kind of song.

Starting on a funny note she corrects a pronunciation or mispronunciation of her name just for the fun of it and then goes straight to hit us with her well worded and rhymed lyrics which tell about how she’s too busy going after the money to have time for mediocre things.

From the beginning of this one up till the end, Belis brings melody to bear alongside her sensual and hypnotic voice that spits lyrics bragging about the kind of business she gets up to.

With accolades to the producers of “Lemonade”, Charlie Shuffler and Chris Surreal, the beat for this track is just as much a banger as the lyrics and delivery as it flows smoothly and perfectly from start to finish.


The lyrics of Lemonade speak of how seriously Belis takes herself and her career even as she playfully delivers a message to haters and ungrateful people.

In verse three, not only does she express how much she isn’t fazed by those who say she is going insane, she lets them know that she’s going after her dream, getting things done and feeling pretty amazing while she is at it.

Belis has once again proven with “Lemonade” that she deserves all the love and accolades she gets from the like of us. Everything is so flawless, unique and totally relatable that it doesn’t take long before you have it playing on repeat.

Belis Lemonade

Lemonade has received positive responses and acceptance in such a short time; it already has over 560k plays via Soundcloud with tons of good feedback to go with it.

People love Belis for many reasons, but it’s all about her uniqueness, the strength of her vocals and her ability to always put together something creatively different.

The creative fusion of contemporary rap, trap, and hip-hop alongside banging instrumentals is what makes “Lemonade” an absolute must-listen and must-love.

Whether you have been a lover of Belis or you are new to this artist, you definitely want to add “Lemonade” to your playlist. Perhaps it might become your best track.

Lemonade is available for listening on Soundcloud and other major media platforms.

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