Big Nik Makes Energetic Delivery in “Trapstar”

Big Nik

“Imma blast off in a Jaguar, all these blue hundreds yeah I’m feeling like a Trapstar. Like a Trapstar, like a Trapstar, rolling out these carpets man I’m feeling like a Trapstar…”

– quote from “Trapstar”

Social media star, musician and rapper Big Nik is out with another upbeat feel good song and he calls this one “Trapstar”.

The Boca Raton, Florida artist has churned out this energy filled track that is not only fast paced and happy, but also carries positive vibes that you cannot get tired of connecting with.

“Trapstar” features fast paced delivery on upbeat instrumentals, producing a very vibrant energy that you definitely want coming your way. Whether at home, in the car or at a party, “Trapstar” is a whole mood you should experience as it brings the natural vibe of Big Nick to play.

Singing about blue hunnids, driving around in his Jaguar and just having fun, Nik feels like a “Trapstar” and he tells us so with his punchy and fast paced lyrics.

The “Label Me” and “Gassed Up” singer who is well known by music lovers for his 2018 rap track “No Cap” and “I Don’t Want To Leave” is very much a total package as he comes with diverse talents in the arts that set him apart from others.

With an affinity for acting and filming, Big Nik first started up making comedy videos on Vine in 2013. Nik took to comedy videos as a means of passing time, but it quickly became a big deal as he caught the hearts of many and his followership sky rocketed.

As his popularity grew, Nik began collaborating with other Vine artists for projects as he continued to deliver great content that garnered him over 2.9 million followers by 2017.

Big Nik

Big Nik is currently a YouTube phenomenon as he continues to create crazy hilarious content that not only thrills his fans but inspires them as well.

Among many other things, Big Nik remains a big inspiration to many as he has not only beaten the odds, he has made something really great of himself and his career regardless of the challenges he faces. Born with disabilities from a rare bone disease called dwarfism, the 21 year old did not only create the best possible life for himself regardless of stereotypes, pressures and natural difficulties, he also took on the duty of delivering happiness, motivation, humor and positive vibes to everyone who he came across.

With features in People Magazine, LA Times, Vogue and MTV News as well as the Social Slam Selfie Award, Big Nik is a much more than an influencer, comedian and musician; he is an inspiration to many, a voice of positivity and happiness.

Big Nik Trap Star

Nik has come so far since he started and very much lived his dream of making others laugh and inspiring millions through social media even as he breaks more bounds and achieves greater feats.

Big Nik has worked with many platinum artists including DJ Flipp, created a number of banging tracks and we see him going really far in his career.

Listen and stream “Trapstar” on YouTube, Soundcloud and other media platforms.






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