Kuji Young Gets Sensual in New Track Release “Parade”

Kuji Young

“Hope you packed ya overnight cos you ain’t finna make it home tonight. And imma do that thing I know you like. You a queen but I’m finna treat you like my lil hoe tonight. I’m gon hold you tight, Imma stroke you right…”

– quote from “Parade”

R&B artist and producer Kuji Young has released a banging new track from his first EP “Just For Fun”. The latest track “Parade” is a smooth, sexy and sensual track that gets you moving and feeling the mood Kuji delivers.

A perfect track for the club, a house party or a couple’s night out, “Parade” paints a picture of two lovers getting down to some fun time all night long. Kuji creates a whole new mood with his lyrics that describe what he would do to his baby right after sneaking her in through the window or picking her up from the club.

With words that might bring a blush to your face, Kuji sings of intimate moments between two lovers as he promises to give a lady the time of her life.

This track is packed full with so much words, so much imagery and just the right bit of romance to push you into the realm Kuji has created with this one.

Kuji Young features saxophonist Swayyvo that embodies both charisma, romance and some intense feeling coupled all packaged in this fun track.

Kuji Young

Kuji tops off his heavy lyrics with rhymes that get your body moving. This track is no doubt going to be big among the guys and even much more with the ladies as it is sensual, sweet and fun just the way ladies like it.

“Parade” is a track from Young’s first EP “Just For Fun” which features a total of 5 tracks including “Shoot”, “House Sittin”, “Applause”, and “I Can’t Complain”. “Parade” is the only track that features another talent in the person of Swayyvo the Saxophonist while the others are solo tracks.

Young who gave us his first single “Taboo” earlier in the year from a project that first started as a demo, has had our hearts since then as he told us a story of a forbidden love with his soothing and enticing voice. He has piqued our interest since then as he worked on other single projects as well as with other artists.

Kuji Young Parade

The up and coming artist from the Eastside of Dover, Delaware has cultivated his artistic style from an early age. As a music producer, songwriter and artist, he draws inspiration from musicians like Sade Adu, Yaslin Bey, Andre 3000, Ahmad Jamal and Miguel even as he brings his own style to play.

Whether you are a lover who lives for those nights with bae, or you enjoy feel good music, Kuji Young’s “Parade” is what you should be listening to right now. Stream or listen to “Parade” on YouTube, Soundcloud and other major media platforms.







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