KingTay Shares the Message of Greatness and Positivity in New Release “Be Great”


“Honestly I’m trynna motivate, I’m pushing past the hate. You the one I’m trying to celebrate. There’s no excuses, you say you gonna do it then do it, got something to prove, then go prove it…”

– quote from “Be Great”

Philadelphian hip-hop artist KingTay is out of the studio with a fresh track and this one is all about positivity, motivation and beating the odds.

KingTay puts together this one produced by Kato On The Track and directed by J99 just to spread his positive energy, inspire his friends and fans as well as remind us that greatness is what to push for regardless of the challenges surrounding us.

The lyrics of “Be Great” speaks a lot about the creative ability of KingTay.

“Just be great” KingTay calls out all through the track as he tells his fans not to bother about what people say or the situations they face. Just be great; it is what you owe yourself.

Filled with positive and highly creative lyrics and rhymes, KingTay jumps on a very lively beat with the flows that just keeps you happy and positive.

“Be Great” is a total recipe for motivation day in day out that keeps you positive and gives you the drive to fight through whatever challenges you might be facing.


The visuals for “Be Great” shows the artist doing his thing, giving us his simple moves as he spits his worded lyrics in the fast paced positive video.

KingTay has been an admirable source of consistent flows and melodies ever since he stepped up the stage to bring us good music with a style that goes far beyond typical hip-hop but is seasoned, diverse, unique and different.

Tay has overtime been influenced by artists even before and during the development of his career. He listens to the likes of DMX, Eminem, 2 Pac and 50 Cent, Michael Jackson, the Beatles to name a few. The talents, sounds, experiences and feelings of these artists have helped him touch base on different levels even as he creates a style that is distinct and unique to him.


Many hearts go out to KingTay due to his ability to display and deliver pure emotions and passion in his works, giving us something we can always feel and relate to.

KingTay has come a long way from the young talent who found his passion for poetry and the arts of rap to becoming a sound we have begun to love and crave to see more of, even as he brings passion and diversity to his listeners.

Check out “Be Great” today on YouTube and other media platforms. Other songs from KingTay you can check out are “Sad and Lonely”, “W.Y.O.H.O.M”, “Gangsta” and “Coolin”.









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