Audrey Takes Over with her Newest Single “Paper”


Audrey is a Korean-American born and raised in New Jersey who has defeated all odds against her identity in the music industry.

With her newest single, “Paper” Audrey has outrightly shown her readiness to take over the mainstream musical spotlight. Her enthralling voice is proof that she would stop at nothing to achieve her aim. Having co-produced the song with Anwar, Audrey has announced that she would personally direct and release its video by next month.


According to Audrey, “Paper” is only a tip of the iceberg as she is set to release a track every month for the remaining months of the year. She’s also set to release an EP by next year, so expect it to be blockbusting.

She began singing in her teens and is currently on a year long break from her studies at the New York University’s Music Institute to pursue a career in music. With no link to the American music industry, Audrey began her career with her life-long passion for music as the only asset she possessed for a career breakthrough. She began recording herself and then uploading her recordings on Instagram. It wasn’t until a few years later that she was contacted by her current manager and producer, Anwar Sawyer. Ever since then, her songs have been taking life and shape from their combined efforts.

Audrey emphasizes that her nationality has always been her major source of inspiration. The influence of her childhood still leaves a footprint on her career, and the meeting of two separate worlds within the sphere of her existence defines her uniqueness. She is very hopeful that her career would further encourage people like her to take the bull by the horn in the mainstream music industry.

Her songs are mind-blowing combinations of trap and pop. So far, she has been able to create a pile of her musical excitement into every one of them. When asked about the source of her inspiration, she declares that songs from the likes of Sade, Whitney Houston, Kanye and Thundercat make up her list of influences. In fact, she’s fundamentally excited by any kind of hip hop music and has spent much of her career becoming a self-groomed hipster. She’s also bent on giving her identity as much exposure as her ambitions would allow her, as she confessed that hiding her identity from her career would be sheer hypocrisy.

True to her words, Audrey’s previous track “Time” has found its way to Hypebeast’s “Best New Tracks of the Week” and The Line of Best Fit’s “Song of the Day”. The video was directed by Grammy nominee Emma Westenberg and has the potential of climbing higher up in the industry’s ladder.

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