6orn Drops New Visual “Oh Yeah”


“Cause still I make it hot on top, got the block on lock, can’t nobody open shop, oh yeah. And everyday I get more props, cause the shi* don’t stop and I whip it till it lock…”

– quote from “Oh Yeah”

The kind of vibe that would result from a collaboration between energizing beats and mind-blowing vocals is the scenario reproduced in 6orn’s newest EP “Play for Keeps” produced by Oklahoma’s very own Ethancx. From the five-track album, you can feel the energetic influence of 6orn’s passion for music and the producer’s expertise in music production on every sound infused in the album.

Of the five bangers “Oh Yeah” happens to be the center of the album and a perfect description of 6orn’s passion for hip hop and rap. In the song, he links up his musical flair through his vocal flexibility and Ethancx saw to it that the song had powerful energy. When you listen to the song, there’s no doubt you’ll understand why the upcoming artist needs to hold on to the very fraction of the “game”.

6orn is a Boston based upcoming artist that has shown an impressive potential to make waves in the music industry with his unique hip hop and rap talent. Having featured in a good number of joint EPs, 6orn has undoubtedly rattled the industry and announced his entrance to the spotlight.

Following the release of his previous EP with G-dot called “Boomwday”, 6orn explains that “Play for Keeps” is only a forerunner to the collaborative album he’s set to release alongside Zaytoven. The five-track album is currently available on video and streaming platforms through the supportive efforts of Rich and Fly Records. For 6orn, this is a big catch for his very young music career and he has undoubtedly poured out the stuff he’s made into all five songs – you’ll feel it the moment you listen to any of the tracks on the album.

According to him, he got the title of his recent EP from the disposition he felt at the time of its recording. He feels that the game is rigged and he found the blueprint. He’s set to give all it takes to seize every opportunity that’s comes his way to enable him to put them to exhaustive use.

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