Tain Bears a Message for His Haters in His New Release “Man Man”


“They hate me cause I keep it real, and never fu*king with the fake don’t care about  how you feel… fu*k the deal I signed myself and made it on the field…”

– quote from “Man Man”


Hot from the oven is another very fresh track from Denver, Colorado hip-hop artist Tain; he calls this one “Man Man”.

The “Escobars” and “On Track” artist who is known and loved for his wordplay and rhymes is back with a word for his haters and those who underrate him. In this one, Tain goes all out to describe how some people don’t like him just because of who he is and what he represents; and as he points this out, he also lets them know that their hate cannot stop him from striving, growing and bringing us good music.

Two things stand out from the lyrics of this very well worded and rhymed song; Tain’s inherent ability to deliver original class A lyrics, and his lack of apologies while addressing these people who just won’t stop hating.

Having haters and enemies is something we cannot totally eliminate from our lives no matter how prudent one tries to be; it is in the understanding of this fact and the decision to keep being you regardless that makes you a better person and this is what Tain has very creatively depicted in this track.

Just like Tain sings, “Man Man” is a word for all the men and women out there who don’t think we are good enough, those who cannot move away from their hate and bias and see how great we truly are and how much we are evolving into the best version of ourselves.

The artist himself says “You don’t always have to be the one with the most money in your pocket to get the most hate and envy.”

Tain Releases “On Track” https://thegridmagazine.com/2019/06/18/tain-releases-on-track/

Tain Man Man

If you can relate to the feeling Tain expresses in this track then it is totally what you should be listening to at this time. With his heavy worded verses coupled with great instrumentation, you would find yourself bobbing and singing to “Man Man” in no time.

Much love goes out to Tain who has captured our hearts with his ability to always make good music whether performing live on stage or giving us hit songs out of the studio. His ability to thrill and motivate people with his songs is something we can always count on as one of his best qualities even as we continue to listen and vibe to his songs.

We hope for more great tracks to dance and vibe to from Tain but until then, listen to “Man Man” on Soundcloud and check out Tain’s other tracks.








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