Rob Soul Releases Catchy Song and Visual “Fruta”

Rob Soul

“Disfruten de la Fruta…”

STREAM: https://smarturl.it/fruta

New York based Peruvian American singer and songwriter Rob Soul is on a roll this year with songs back to back and we have loved every one of them. Now he’s back with a new track and music video “Fruta”.

With an amazing, sensual and enthralling visual that keeps you hooked from beginning to the end, Rob leaves most of his English speaking audience running after a translation of the song to find out just what their new fancy means.

The video of “Fruta” which follows the audio release is done in Spanish and features two great female dancers alongside Rob, who is dressed in a costume. The first time we watched it, we couldn’t drop it until it was over; we was totally sucked into the actions displayed, the melody and the vibrant energy.

“Fruta” is a vibe with a catchy hook, vocal melody, smooth production and perfect vocals that every music lover will not only appreciate, but also enjoy even if you have no idea what Rob sings about.

Once again Rob sports a perfect delivery with stellar vocal performance even as he joins the two dancers who were very much the focus of this “Thriller” styled music video.

“Fruta” visual is directed by Eddy Marrero and the music is directed by Angel Vasquez, both of whom I believe deserve a thumbs up for working with Rob through yet another creative and interesting project.

Rob Soul

Rob Soul has our hearts not only because he is very talented at what he does, but also because he takes music beyond language and the ability to understand what is being said. Music takes its true definition as a food for the soul in Rob’s works, as it appeals not only to your senses but also your subconscious mind, taking you along on his musical journey.

From 2018 till date, Rob continues to build a list of brilliant and insightful songs such as “Perreo Lento”, “Una Noche Mas” and “Se Descontrolan”. Creating a new path for himself, he creates an authentic blend of hip-hop and Latin that has drawn attention far above just the Latin speaking population; some of us don’t mind not knowing what he says, we are already captivated by how he delivers it.

Rob Soul

With the energy and pace at which Rob has been delivering quality and creative videos and jams, it is obvious he is on an assignment to not only steal our hearts with his creativity and authenticity, but also pursue his vision to blaze a new trail for his music and others that may come after him.

There are many reasons to love Rob – his unique and catchy sound and only coming second to his ability to mix different genres of music into a sound that we love and enjoy.

Watch and listen to “Fruta” on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music.






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