Claudie B Drops Another Hit Track “Pocket” Featuring NLE Choppa

Claudie B NLE Choppa

“I know that they plotting, I know that they watching a young ni** profit, but I ain’t stopping…”

– quote from “Pocket”


New England artist Claudie B has teamed up with NLE Choppa for his latest music release he titled “Pocket”.

The American hip-hop and R&B singer, songwriter and producer brings in platinum recording artist NLE Choppa on this new single that has amassed over 75,000 streams less than two weeks of its release.

Anticipations had been high for this one since Claudie B announced on August 29th that “Pocket” was going to be dropping September 6th. Regardless of delay in distribution that led the track to later be released on September 14th, reception and reactions from fans have been crazy as the amazing track has not only got us loving Claudie B more, but also enjoying the flow and vibe from the duo who made this song.

“Pocket” features really tight lyrics with a crazy awesome verse by Claudie B who exuded a high level of confidence as he sang about cash,  women, and succeeding on his own. NLE Choppa also killed it with his equally beautiful verse and together the duo shut the song down.

Whether you pay attention to rhymes, lyrics, melody or instrumentation, this song has something for you; something you can vibe to, rap to, and just enjoy yourself.

Produced by G MONEY AND MAJOR 88 KEYS, “Pocket” is yet another step up for the talented artist who has been getting our attention with good music ever since his debut EP release “Pretty Boy in The Trap” in August 2018.

He followed “PBITT” by “MAYOR” in November 2018 and left us anticipating what he would bring to us in the New Year.

Claudie B opened up for Kota the Friend in Cambridge, MA in January 2019 and then released his first track in the New Year “One Call Home” which has been praised as the favorite of many.

Claudie B

In March 2019, Claudie B showcased “DAWGZ” and “Pocket” to Cousin Stizz at his home studio in Boston. After receiving commendations from Stizz, Claudie B moved to announce the release of “DAWGZ” for July 19, 2019.

While anticipations were up for the release of “DAWGZ” which is now Claudie’s most streamed single, the artist did not disappoint as he dropped us a banging track that has surpassed all his previous releases with nearly 100,000 total streams with 50,000 on Spotify.

With the massive success of “DAWGZ” and the delay in the release of “Pocket” some of us were worried about how the track would turn out, but now we know there was no need to worry about as Claudie B once again hit it right with “Pocket”.

Claudie B shows a lot of potential to rise up the ranks fast as his works not only display creativity and talent, but also a strong sense of originality one cannot help but love.

Listen and stream “Pocket” on Soundcloud and Spotify and see for yourself what this promising and talented artist has put together with help from NLE Chopper.








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