The Enchanted Plug Brings a New Flavor with “Ringtones”

The Enchanted Plug

“I know it’s you when you call on that ringtone. Seven missed calls from my bae while I sing along…All alone, call my phone, I know your ring tone, I know your ring tone… ”

– quote from “Ringtones”

STREAM: https://soundcloud.com/enchantedplug/ringtones-prod-by-oragami

Music duo The Enchanted Plug is back with another feel good song and they called this one “Ringtones”.

The two man group from East St Louis, Illinois consisting of “Moonface Magic” and “Charga the Bear” sing about a partner who is acting up in this one, asking her to call their phone.  You could call it a love song, or a lovers quarrel but regardless of how you would describe it, it’s a beautiful song with tight melodies and rhymes.

In the chorus “All alone, call my phone, I know your ringtone, I know your ringtone” the duo calls out to their beau in the track that features clever wordplay and creative lyrics.

The duo reminds you of your favorite Anime character, but it is actually a part of their style and what makes them unique. The art works for their music and videos always feature animations and cartoons just as much as they do as well.

The Enchanted Plug is also almost always hidden behind some teddy bear or mask which adds mystery and creativity to one of the reasons we love them.

Their ability to deliver songs across different genres is also a plus for the music duo whose sound is a combination of punk, emo, hip-hip, rock, indie rock, pop, and basically whatever catches their attention at the time.

The Enchanted Plug

The Enchanted Plug’s 2018 album “Creepy Hugs” features tracks like “Gilligan”, “Love Plug”, “Liight Yagami” and “City Girls” to name a few. They also have other tracks like “Crybaby”, “I Don’t Miss You”, “Emo Janet”, “Azul”, “W/Love” and a few others that you would no doubt enjoy listening and singing along to.

The ultimate dream of The Enchanted Plug is to make music that everyone can vibe to, even as they focus their songs on catchy hooks and melodies combined with clever wordplay.

If you are yet to sample any song from The Enchanted Plug or you just haven’t gotten around listening to “Ringtones”, now is the best time to do that. You just might make them your own ringtone or a repeat track on your music player.

The Enchanted Plug

While we are still curious to know more about this duo who have caught our attention with their creativity, talent and diversity, we are going ahead to enjoy the beautiful songs they are bringing our way.

We hope to see more from this eclectic hip-hop duo soon. Until then, check out their other songs on Deezer, Soundcloud, YouTube, and other media platforms.






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