PRXJEK Shares Conflicting Emotions In His Latest Release “I Like Being Alone”


“I’m so lost, nothing feels the same anymore. Followed by these dark clouds, can’t escape the storm. I don’t wanna go out, so find someone else to go. I don’t like crowds, I would rather be alone…”

STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/album/23EDwUl8gY8cEyutqC5Mvz

Laotian American rap/alternative artist PRXJEK is out with a new track “I Like Being Alone”. The mysterious rapper who is known and loved for his mystique as well as his music has gone emotional on his fans once again with “I Like Being Alone”, which depicts a kind of loneliness and a feeling of being lost that makes you wonder if it is just a song or if you are peeping directly into his life.

The lyrics of “I Like Being Alone” might stand out for many, especially those who always prefer their own company to that of the crowd and those who feel left out and left behind without seeming to know why.

PRXJEK deliver the lyrics with a rhyme and consistent energy that doesn’t give off much emotion, creating somewhat of a contrast between the lyrics and the delivery, however keeping his unique style that we know him for.

With the second part of his song displaying his conflicting emotions about wanting to come out of his hiding, we can anticipate and hope to see more of the man behind the mask.


PRXJEK is an independent Soundcloud rapper and has been active in the music scene since 2016 with over 30,000 Soundcloud followers, 40,000 YouTube subscribers  and 150,000 Spotify listeners all cultivated organically.

He is responsible for albums like “PRXJEK” released in 2017, “Where Is Your God Now?” released in 2018 and “Love To Hate Me” released in 2019.

PRXJEK also has EPs like “DEATHFOREVER AFTER” (2016), “Even Angels Have Demons” (2017) and “No Longer Is This a Warning” (2019). He released all his music videos specifically on his YouTube channel while choosing not to publish them on any alternative site.


Affectionately referred to by his fans as “JEK”, the Florida based artist and independent Soundcloud rapper has expressed that he is beginning to express a new side of himself as he shifts away from the sound everyone expects from him.

PRXJEK explains he has always had a connection with music and he became inspired to make people feel a similar connection with music like he did, hence his decision to give it a try.

One thing PRXJEK has continued to do over the years is to connect with his audience as he lets his emotions, battles and experiences play out in the music he makes.

“I Like Being Alone” is one track you should check out as soon as you can, whether you want to get a grasp of the feelings engrained in the song or you want to explore your own feelings, or you simply want to sample something new from the man behind the mask who has stolen our hearts.









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