“Lose Control” by B. Howard featuring Siggy Deals Jackson

B Howard

“You got me feeling alive. This is the feeling I like. I’ll be the one that you want. I’ll be the man in your life …”

– quote from “Lose Control”

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Born and brought up in Los Angeles, Brandon Howard began his music career after he got inspired by “Tears for Fears” and “A-Ha” videos he came across on MTV. Having come from a music-oriented background, Howard embarked on his first musical endeavor alongside Gerald Levert in Ohio and has worked as a record producer ever since 2003. He has worked with artists like Akon, Miguel and Daniel Skye and has also produced for popular artists like Ciara, Ne-Yo, Wyclef Jean and a host of others.

Howard is also a high-ranking songwriter whose songs have hit top positions on various music charts. In 2003, the song “Love You More” which he wrote for Ginuwine scaled 23 on Hot R&B/HipHop songs and 78 on Billboard’s Hot 100. In 2006, he also wrote Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor’s “What It Do” and “Kick Push II”, and both songs hit the 8th position on Billboard’s 200 that year. Just recently, his single “Don’t Say You Love Me” reached the 11th position on Billboard’s Top Dance Chart.

Soon after the success of his second single “Dancefloor” in 2010, Howard began a solo music career and stepped up to being an artist on his collaboration with Jazmine Sullivan and Wyclef Jean in the remix of Nelson Mandela’s tribute song “Ke Nako”. His first album “Genesis” was released by Japan’s Universal Music International and adequately supported by a performance he did in the country soon after the release.

In his latest release “Lose Control”, Howard upgraded his music skills and flaunted his talented cousin Siggy Jackson. There’s no doubt that the fact that he featured old recordings by late David Walliams spiced up the influence of the song, and also points that he still has some kind of attachment to the late guitarist. In fact, featuring this recording did a whole lot to boost the influence of the song on major charts.

B Howard

In this song, Howard’s intention is to help people see why they should let go of their frustrations and freely enjoy happiness in life. You’ll really “Lose Control” when you hear this song, as it was delivered in a manner to make you set the dance floor free.

B Howard Lose Control
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