Yellow Zoo Drops New Single and Visuals for “Grim Reaper” featuring O Wave

Yellow Zoo

“Tell all my brothers I love them like my mother’s kids. Slept on trap floors, now she need a passport to get up in my whip…”

– quote from “Grim Reaper”

Brooklyn rising rap artist Yellow Zoo has released a hot track “Grim Reaper” and he connects with talented artist O Wave on this one.

They sing about being broke, working hard to make the money and now having the cash, the cars, and girls.

“Grim Reaper” also bears love for the real friends who stood by them when they didn’t have much but now they’re all balling together. The fake friends and haters also have something in it for them as the duo sing about making it regardless of those who thought they wouldn’t. 

With Yellow Zoo keeping it fresh as always and a very tight rap by O Wave, the duo delivers a great track that does not actually feature any grim reaper, but both men a dope ride and a sexy lady.

The visuals for “Grim Reaper” is produced by Ferdinand Felix and showcases Yellow Zoo and O Wave in a freestyle, simple but creative video.

“Grim Reaper” is the first visual off Yellow Zoo’s 9 track new album “143” that features unique, creative and interesting songs you totally can vibe to.

The album’s title “143” is more than just numbers for Yellow Zoo; it bears a very deep, personal and spiritual meaning for the artist. Yellow Zoo often finds this number following him bringing positivity, love and balance into his life. “143” also represent the 3 angel numbers and a new season in life.

Yellow Zoo

Talking about news seasons, Yellow Zoo explores a different style, vibe and brings a unique mood to bear in this new album with every track having their own unique message and content.

From his opening track “No Love” where you find Yellow Zoo unapologetically being him, to an ode track “Serena Williams” and a just for fun kind of track “WiFi”, Yellow Zoo has it locked down with this album. “143” also features tracks like “Bestie”, “Loyal”, “Bad Deal”, “Skifall”, and “143”.

For the fast rising artist who is not only growing in entertainment but also in business, his primary influence while growing up was family in the persons of his mother and sister. He also drew inspiration from successful artists in the industry as he worked towards bringing his gift to light through music and sharing his story and thoughts through his music to his fans worldwide.

In the course of his musical career, Yellow Zoo has opened up for artists like Mr Cheeks, Famous Dex and Young Thug. He also has a large number of tracks and music videos available on virtually every media platform with teeming fans receptive to not only his style, but also his message and his creativity.

“Grim Reaper” and “143” is available on all media platforms and you should check it out right away.






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