“Wake Up” by Diomer featuring Shiwan


“See a lot of artist who don’t create, you just wanna tell us that you think you’re great. Sing about the money and the things you got, or about the things that you really don’t got…”

STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/album/2cUGtPQGkwFloo8LDLczp6

Diomer is an Indie hip hop artist whose musical prowess lights up with genuity and depth, reaching the very heart of his listeners. His musical strength and expressions always combine with his lyrics to form a recipe that encourages the faint-hearted, fuels faith and joy in those whose hopes are lost, and reignites the passion for life in the weak.

Starting from his first EP release in 2017, Diomer has been all about letting people participate in his songs emotionally. His songs have a way of speaking to the hearts of listeners and getting them deeply involved with his lyrics. Little wonder his first EP release “Welcome” earned him a position on the Top 200 iTunes Hip-Hop Charts soon after its release.

Speaking of his latest release “Wake Up” with Shiwan, they effortlessly express their potentials as artists that are able to penetrate their listeners with an overwhelming burst of positivity.  The flow in the song is captivating and speaks uniquely to people with who put up resistances to positivity. Shiwan also happens to share his desire to get to people’s souls through the song and they both progressed with similar energies.

In his words, Diomer admits that there has been major improvements on his side since his first EP release. He has also been able to put in extra effort to elevate his musical essence and remain relevant in the music industry.

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