Vee Takes a Walk Down Memory Lane in “Sober”


“Started from the bottom now we balling. Moving to LA to find a calling. Working every night, every day I don’t know what the time is… So many distractions and we trynna fight it, parties all around and we always invited…”

– quote from “Sober”

STREAM: https://song.link/album/sc/782106702

Siberian artist Vee is taking his fans on a trip down memory lane in his new song “Sober”. The artist reminisces of a time where he not only struggled to find a place for himself as he pursued his dream in the industry, but also had to fight distractions that came at him from every side especially partying and other extracurricular activities.

In a soft and emotional delivery, Vee brings his deep reflections to life in the form of music and opens a window for us to see the battles he had to fight upon moving to Los Angeles in a bid to pursue his career.

“Sober” takes us through the experience of attending parties, but still feeling left out and alone in the crowd, losing touch of one’s self all in a bid to try fit in but somehow neither seems to work out, and then trying to find some sort of escape in alcohol.

Set in a party, the video for “Sober” shows Vee sitting alone away from the crowd, probably unable to fit in, or just choosing not to.

After doing much to drown himself in alcohol, he meets a lady who seems to draw him in completely and for once, he has something else to focus on. Vee is then faced with the problem of not knowing what to do as the lady in question seems to already be under the influence and probably remember their encounter once she got sober.


In a new dilemma, Vee wonders what was next for this lady who had drawn him out as well as the city that seemed to be his paradise and his nemesis at the same time. In all, Vee seeks true fulfillment for himself in love and true companionship away from the craze of being what you are not and trying too hard to fit in.

Vee has since come a long way since he moved to LA to pursue his educational career and music at the age of 17.  From then till now, he has built himself into a force to be reckoned with in the music industry resulting from his ability to tell a story in its rawest deepest form and draw out feelings from his words.


While maintaining creative independence, Vee gives his heart wholly to music as he aims to create a niche for himself and make more music for his teeming American fans.

Vee’s music is influenced by some of America’s big names like The Weekend and Travis McKoy, although his sound is totally unique whether he sings or raps.

Sober is directed by klayoko and is available for watching and streaming.







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