Talii Preaches Body Positivity and Confidence in New Song “Thickness”


“I hit you with the thickness; I’ve been working on my fitness yeah, so hurry home with the quickness. You know I’m giving you a feel. I know you like it cos it’s real…”

– quote from “Thickness”

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STREAM: https://soundcloud.com/taliimusic/thickness/s-Y1klV

Talii takes on an approach of positivity and acceptance to one of the most discussed and labored societal topics; body and beauty.

In her latest song “Thickness”, the artist celebrates body positivity, acceptance and confidence in a smooth and somewhat sensual musical piece that gets you moving and tingling all the way down to your toes.

“Thickness” is Talii’s way of taking the lead and shining the light towards a path of positivity especially on the part of the women folk and how they feel about their bodies.

With calm, smooth and intimate vocals, over pulsing beat and gentle tempo, Talii delivers lyrics about looking and feeling her best even as she sings to a partner she is expecting.

For the 25 year old Orlando based singer who is known as one of the trailblazers of a new wave of soulful and laidback R&B, her 2018 debut track “Lost” saw her gain official entry and recognition in the industry although she had been singing and writing songs since the very early age of 7.


Talii has a knack for bringing her songs to life with her ability to tell compelling stories and draw her listeners in with her silky vocals, taking them through every feeling and experience she depicts in her songs.

Speaking on the thought behind “Thickness” and the feelings it carries, Talii says “This song was inspired by the desire to look and feel my best because my best self is what I want my significant other to have. The song embodies a sexy confidence that I hope encourages people to not only feel great about who they are right now but who they aspire to be.”

In such a time as this where women have become shy and uncertain about their bodies, it is important to let Talii’s words sink in and affirm you that regardless of how you look or what people say, you are beautiful and it is something you should be confident about.

Talii - Thickness

Perhaps, the gift of being born into a musically blessed family is one of the factors that led to the unveiling of the creative and talented artist that we see and love, there is no doubt that her authenticity wrapped in smoothness and drive is what has made our hearts and ears fond of Talii and her music.

Thickness is the second single track release by the R&B talent following closely to her previously released single “Front Seat”. We also expect an EP from the soulful singer sometime soon.

You can stream, sing and dance to “Thickness” by Talii on major media platforms. Don’t forget to check out her other tracks while you are at it.









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