Dao Kahn aka Trap Ninja Releases His Newest Single “Made Men”

Dao Kahn

“Ain’t tryna live like a bit** with no grip on my cake. Might catch a lick for a hundred thousand dollars today…”

STREAM: https://soundcloud.com/daokahn/made-men-dao-kahn-prod-sher/s-k0CBp

Vietnamese Canadian hip-hop artist Dao Kahn aka “Trap Ninja” releases his newest single “Made Men”. With a sound that’s quickly bringing eastern and western culture together Kahn expresses the feelings of a man willing to do anything to thrive when circumstances have your life in turmoil.

Born in Brampton, Ontario Canada to Vietnamese parents still trying to acclimate to the Canadian way of life, Dao Kahn was motivated by watching his parents work vigorously to provide a better standard of living over their first 8 years as Canadian citizens.

The song features a smooth beat with a hook just as catchy and melodic as the beat. Inspired by what he observed as a child, Kahn is determined to overcome any obstacles in the path of his success. As displayed in the song, Dao Kahn is relentless when tough times call for tough people and can paint you a beautiful picture of the experience through his music.

Dao Kahn
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