DanielFromSalem Brings a Whole New Feeling with His New Act “So Loco”


“I feel like shi*, But I’m never gonna quit, I feel like a loser, But I’m never gonna quit…”

– quote from “So Loco”

STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/track/3goFRIzHHjhwwyXz6uLqHH

American electronic rock artist DanielFromSalem is out with another new track “So Loco” from his latest project Best Damn Party. 

Daniel who is actually from Salem, Massachusetts as his name implies went all out with this track and its accompanying music video to make a song that is nothing short of creative and highly meaningful. 

From honest lyrics, smooth rhymes to fast paced visuals that very perfectly fit the description “So Loco”, Daniel paints the perfect picture of a person being surrounded by so much and feeling lost among the elements that they think they’re going to go crazy.

Although the instrumentals and the groove are quite easy going, the message is deep and heavy as they tell of something lots of people have felt at one time or the other.

Whether directed at a partner like Daniel did, or looking at it from the perspective of one struggling with whatever life challenges, the lyrics very much covers lots of feelings and lots of situations by lots of people.

The fact that “So Loco” not only depicts one who nearly going crazy over the things he faces, but also the determination to not quit in spite of everything is what makes it even more unique. Daniel in his own creative way gives his fans the motivation to move on regardless of how lost they feel.


The highly stimulating and exciting video for “So Loco” was filmed at the pier in Santa Monica and is themed around going far away, going somewhere new and trying to find something new for yourself even when you’re not sure what it is. The spinning camera shots and the bright lighting are used to convey a frantic mindset that is all over the place. 

The end of the video, which is actually suspense filled, shows Daniel going towards a hooded figure who then seems to take him somewhere we cannot tell. 

However the artist has said it sets the scene for his next project and we sincerely cannot wait to see where this takes him. 

For Daniel, “So Loco” is more than just a fast paced eccentric song, it is a message to everyone out there to get a grip of themselves, find a new path for their lives and start a new chapter if they have to. 

In his words, “I make this art for you. Let this be your break up anthem and remedy for what is hurting you or standing in your way.”

With 2 EPs, 1 full length album and other projects underway, Daniel aims to inspire people and provide an escape for them with his music even as he hopes to someday do music with artists like Kesha, Coldplay and Bruno Mars. 







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