Ziearre Is Overflowing with Charisma in “Ain’t Even Gon’ Hold U” featuring Ruslan


“Start dripping like a faucet….. Got too much sauce I think I lost it…. Got too much sauce I ain’t even gonna hold you…”

– quote from “Ain’t Even Gon’ Hold U”

STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/album/024eDRYkHBfJkiSxX0z1Xe

For young Brooklyn artist Ziearre, the recipe for living the best life is positivity, gratitude and the awareness of one’s own strength and importance. He shows all of this in his new charisma filled track “Ain’t Even Gon’ Hold U” featuring Ruslan.

In this new track Ziearre is dripping “like a faucet” with too much sauce both from the lyrics, rhymes, instrumentations and even the visuals. He sings about the good life and making good money with the kind of delivery that you do not get to see every day.

Ziearre is not only dripping with swagger and charisma in this one, but he does a great job of passing the message loud and clear amidst raw original lyrics, infectious rhymes and flow, attention grabbing visuals and an overall performance that totally puts him out there and gets you moving to the track.

From every individual verse by Ziearre as well as that of Ruslan, the track is a beautiful show of confidence, progress, humility and positivity all in one.

Our favorite part of the song is where the sauce actually starts dripping “Start dripping like a faucet….. Got too much sauce I think I lost it…. Got too much sauce I ain’t even gonna hold you”. Not only is Ziearre making a statement of how much of a big deal is, he also sends a short message to the fake friends and haters letting them know that he’s too busy being a king to care what they think. What could be more awesome than that?


For an incredibly talented artist like Ziearre, music is much more than a career, hobby or passion; it is a purpose that he is out to fulfill and is so far doing a great job at it.

After falling in love with music at the early age of 3 and beginning to write melodies as he grew up, it was a life threatening event that actually gave him the much needed push and discovery of music as a purpose to him. In his words “I knew that I had something to share with the youth. I knew that my purpose would be to empower youths to believe in something greater than themselves.” It is this commitment to become a voice and a messenger that has taken Ziearre this far into music.

Ziearre was mentored by Eric “Coptic” Matloc who is a renowned industry producer and the creative genius behind Brooklyn Bridge Entertainment. His music is also influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson, Chance The Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Kirk Franklin, and Tye Tribett. However, he creates his own unique style of melodious meaningful music that you can always relate to.

Ziearre Aint Even Gon Hold U
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