SVRITE Releases Debut Single “Finesse”


“They gon bring me down until I rot, until I’m breathless. My fam gon hold it down so I always stay connected. I always stay around to get dat cake I gotta flex it. And imma gun ‘em down and imma shoot below the neck, b***…”

– quote from “Finesse”

STREAM: https://stem.ffm.to/finesse

Puerto Rican-American rapper and music producer SVRITE is about to be your favorite artist if he isn’t already as he drops his latest track “Finesse” and he does it with so much finesse.

The 17 year old Florida based artist once again showed fans not only his charisma, but his impeccable rhymes and lyrics, as he creates a bi lingual track, which is his first in his 5 track EP “Crybaby”.

“Finesse” can best be described as a “statement” song as SVRITE not only makes a claim of his ability to stand on his own and deal with whoever might be trying to hold him down, he also sings a part of the track in Spanish which is his original language and a first for the artist. You don’t need to be told that SVRITE means business on this one. 

“Finesse” is another track that gives accolades to the young rapper, who has taken his craft so seriously he is already breaking fast into the industry.

The artist has accumulated more than 40 million streams in the past few years and has acquired a wide range of loyal fans globally. His Instagram story freestyle has not only gained him popularity on the platform, but also drew the attention of Adam 22 of No Jumper.

SVRITE is most renowned for his release “Jiggy” which made over 4 million streams on Spotify.


Perhaps the most exciting thing about the artist is his ability to retain originality and refuse to compromise his sound even as he has become loved for his quirky flow, charismatic rhymes and stays on the path he has created for himself within the Soundcloud rap sub-genre.

Fans of SVRITE have a lot to look forward to after listening to his tracks and freestyles like “Reverse”, “Like That”, “Big Truck Driver” and “Gucci Flip Flops”. His latest album “Beauty in a Nightmare” is also out and available for listening and downloading.

Stream, listen and download “Finesse” by SVRITE on Deezer, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple store, YouTube and other major media platforms. 







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