Myles Castello Gets Deep and Emotional with “Fade Away”

Myles Castello

“Felt some way, loose ends I’ve been trying to tie up. Feeling like I died, wish you never lied…”

– quote from “Fade Away”​

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You would think that after having a great year in 2018, especially with the release of singles like “Bad Company” and “The Thrill” which were widely celebrated by fans of Myles Castello, he would probably relax and bask in the euphoria of his success. This is however not the case.

The fast rising Scarborough, Toronto singer, producer and songwriter is already up on his game as he followed up with “Way Off” and now he gives us another track he titled “Fade Away” alongside the visuals for it.

“Fade Away” is an emotional song that tells about the pain and heartbreak of a sinking relationship as Myles sings of the realizations and regrets accompanying a love lost.

Perhaps due to his ability to properly express the pain of losing a lover; one that we have all felt at one time or the other, or the fact that Myles delivers it so melodiously, it is easy to fall into this song and experience all the feelings the artist does a great job of articulating.

With every verse of the track painting a picture of what the relationship used to be alongside what it has turned into, it is impossible to not get hung up on every word and feel the heartbreak like you lived through it.

The visuals of “Fade Away” is shot in Toronto and directed by Angelica Milash and features a choreography by social media star Sophia Diamond that blends well with the vocal performance by Myles, giving you a video that is both creatively different and aesthetically pleasing to watch all the way from the beginning to the end.

Myles Castello Fade Away

Fade Away features R&B that Myles is known for with a blend of pop that keeps things interesting even as the singer carries through with consistent vocals and beautiful lyrics that came so naturally to him, he practically wrote and recorded the song in 24 hours.

Castello who found himself loving and delving into beat production and instrumentation in high school quickly took to writing and making music even as he drew inspiration from the music of his hometown hero Drake.

With the realization that music was something he wanted to do, Myles quickly moved to stage performance in his senior year. Getting acquainted with people who shared his passion for music, Myles began thinking of what kind of music he wanted to do and focusing on getting it done.

Myles Castello

His songs since then have been a combination of his talent as an artist and producer coupled with his own experiences all blended with catchy danceable melodies that fall within R&B and pop combinations.

In 2019 we can see the artist Myles has become; one who is garnering attention with his cadence of club friendly music, vocal prowess and unique quality.

“Fade Away” is available on all major platforms.






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