“Hurts Like Heaven” by Tanner Howe

Tanner Howe

“Hurts like heaven every time you come around, every time you shoot me down, falling so hard I go straight through the ground…”

– quote from “Hurts Like Heaven”

STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/track/3hx9nIGPpjqcf1uI1F7jod

Los Angeles artist Tanner Howe just released his latest song “Hurts Like Heaven”, which landed as a top hit song on many hip hop playlists.

In the song, he collaborated with Ryan Ramirez to explain about the hurtful relationships people keep going back to despite the hurt they experience in them. So far, “Hurts Like Heaven” has continued to increase his fan base across LA as well as other states in the country.

Even though Tanner has other passions, music has remained his greatest and has now become his reality. He’s been singing since childhood, knows how to play instruments, like the piano and guitar, and has even obtained a music degree from the Musicians Institute in California.

Speaking of his music career, Tanner is an influential songwriter, singer and performer. Along with his band, he has performed in countless number of shows across Los Angeles such as University City Walk and the Mint. His cover and original songs is currently among the trending songs on iTunes and YouTube with over 10k subscribers. He has even made a top-hitting album with his sister and is now working tirelessly towards his first EP album.

Tanner Howe
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