“OBJ” by DJ Zenas

DJ Zenas

“Why they hating on me, that shi* getting boring, sleeping on me snoring, OBJ I’m scoring…”

– quote from “OBJ”

STREAM: https://soundcloud.com/djzenasofficial/obj-explicit-version/s-fxSXC

When you’re a music producer whose dream is to have an NFL player endorse your song, there’s no doubt you’ll do everything possible to give your best and be as good as DJ Zenas.

Born and raised in Denver, the energetic DJ has been brought to limelight by the vigour and different genres he introduces to all his songs.

If you’re looking for a producer who addresses vital issues of life through his songs, DJ Zenas is who you should seek for. Having embraced his inborn tendency towards music at a very tender age, Zenas first began from poetry before he learned the basics of being a DJ in high school. And by the time he’d be winding up with college, he had already become a DJ and his music career became of topmost priority to him. As a matter of fact, he now performs tirelessly at different shows across the country and storms studios endlessly getting himself prepared for different music projects and songs.

Having grown around R&B, Motown and oldies music genres, DJ Zenas has so far been able to embrace other genres like country, EDM, rock and pop. So far, his production and DJ grooves happen to be very much like as they both pump very high positive energy into any environment they’re released.

There is no doubt you’ll flow with the DJ’s beats in his latest pop release “OBJ” – where he referenced the famous Odell Beckhm Jr. in his lyrics. He personally wrote, recorded and produced the song all by himself and is now working towards reaching the player, the NFL team, and then the entire world with the song.

OBJ DJ Zenas

You’ll definitely waste no time getting to the dance floor because DJ Zenas invested uniquely wonderful beats into this vibrant song. Within a few weeks of releasing the hit, DJ Zenas has recorded thousands of views and plays from different parts of the country – and his fans have unfailingly also tripled in number.

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