Jefe Replay Opens Up New Album with “A Different Road”

Jefe Replay

“I’m just out here taking trips, shi* I never seen before…had to take a different road…”

– quote from “A Different Road”


When you talk about grand openings, Jefe Replay should come to mind as the Roxbury, Massachusetts hip-hop artist has made an opening with the release of “A Different Road”, an introductory song to his album “Proper Finessments”.

“A Different Road” and the other tracks making up the album was released on February 1, 2019 which coincidentally or intentionally blends with the zip code of his hometown of Roxbury (021119).

Much more than the creatively timed release of the tracks however, “A Different Road” carries a very personal message from the musician as it tells a story of his journey from the beginning of his career to his current point of stardom.

Replay takes us through a memorable experience in his track that stands out as a defining act for the musician. For someone who started up differently when compared with other musical talents and has made every deliberate step up the ladder, Jefe’s story is one to be heard and he tells it through “A Different Road”.

The struggles, his youthful ambition, the realization of what matters most, his decision to make every moment count and make the best of his hip-hop career while overcoming every obstacle he might face on this road are some of the things Replay sings about in his intro track.

In the chorus, Jefe acknowledges the wait for the release of “Proper Finessements” which of course was considerably long; however with the release of the album, it is easy to understand that such meaningful songs cannot but take time.

Jefe Replay

For those who have followed Jefe Replay since the early days of his career, you would notice that some tracks in the new album like “Stay Ugly” and “Sips Tea” have been existing in the past years as banging singles and would no doubt continue to make hits even as the singer incorporates them into his new work.

Other tracks on the album boast of beautiful instrumentation backed with real honest lyrics and capture the very true description of all that Replay has been through as an artist and how far he has come in the industry.

In a few words, Replay’s new album can be described as a rear view of the past, an overview of the present as well as ready anticipation of the future.

For someone who got an early entry into the industry with hit singles and then moved for a nationwide tour with Cam Meekins at the early age of 17, Jefe has not only proven his worth through singles, featured tracks and his newest first album, he also remains original with his eclectic versatile and energy that makes him someone his fans cannot seem to get enough of.

We expect more from Jefe Replay as he is not one to get complacent with his present position.

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